It is well known that the Republic of Uzbekistan is famous for its hospitable people, delicious fruit, various plants and different animals all around the world.

And there are such unknown miracles of nature in the mountains that give great expression and make everybody surprise. One magic of this is of course birds. At the present, interest for wild, attractive and chirping birds is very high in our country too as it is in other developed countries.

The number of people who are keeping different birds at home and helping them to rise in birth rate is increasing very rapidly and even there are some such experienced professionals among them who have already achieved positive results on this field.

That is why I wanted to open this new web-site and my main purpose from it is to show the bird keepers of our country to the world. Now "PARVOZ" is the only web-site in Uzbekistan devoted to birds and I believe the number of this kind of web-sites will increase in future.

So we would like to invite you to this field, too. I think you will find something interesting and useful for yourself.

Shavkat Ahmadjonov
Uzbekistan / Tashkent